2-in-1 Z-Wave Switch Release

Many bathrooms have a single-gang box that has 2 switches in it, one above the other.

 Typically, one controls a light and the other, a heater or exhaust fan. To automate these switches, there were a few options, none of them ideal. You could use smart bulbs which have the issues we've discussed in the past. That also doesn't help control the fan. You can also use an internal relay such as Fibaro double switch (or the equivalent model from Qubino)  that mounts inside your wall or fixture and can control both loads. However, fitting these switches behind your existing light switch along with all the necessary wires can be quite challenging if not impossible!

Online forums are full of advice that usually recommends breaking open your wall and installing a 2-gang box to accommodate a second smart switch. Needless to say, that approach is not what most home automation DIYers are hoping to hear.

Today, our friends from The Smartest House have released their long-awaited solution to this problem. I just received notice the Zooz Zen-30 is now available for sale and discounted for today only.
The top portion is a normal dimmer switch that operates the same way a normal Zen22/27 dimmer works - double tap for full brightness and other tap patterns for scene control. The bottom button is an on/off switch to control the non-dimming load like your exhaust fan. Check out the product page for more details. I've ordered 2 and will keep you posted on how it works in reality.

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