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Wifi Coverage for Beginners

A common question I get is how to get the best wifi coverage throughout a house. Even if you use Z-Wave and Zigbee extensively, you’re still going to have smart devices that require wifi. Thermostats, cameras, video doorbells can make extensive use of wifi and benefit from strong coverage that blankets every inch of your home. Smart TVs, smart assistants, laptops, and smartphones will need good, fast wifi signals as well. There a 3 main options to get great wifi and whether any of them is right for you depends on your technical prowess, budget, and willingness (or ability) to run wires through your walls.

Deal: Ring Pro + Echo Dot for $169

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that Amazon is having a huge sale for Prime members starting July 15th. However, what you might not know, is that they've been lowering prices on various items over the last few days as a lead up the main event. Today, you can get the  Ring Pro video doorbell and an Echo Dot for $169 , the lowest price ever for this bundle. You can read about why we recommend the Ring Pro here  (especially for Alexa users).